Monday, 21 July 2014


Blazer - H&M / Top - H&M / Jeans - American Apparel / Shoes - Office (via ebay)

Apart from lipstick and a pair of shoes, pink is not a colour that I wear often. Being a pale one, I believe that the colour highlights my so-pale-it's-translucent skin. However, the colour material and cut of this blazer had me. I love the pastel trend and was glad that when I slipped this blazer, I got the mum seal of approval. And the material is to die for! It is so soft! As I am currently in the mist of looking for jobs now I have graduated, I thought this number would be perfect to finish off an interview outfit.

The blazer was £24.99 ( I couldn't find it online to give you a link) but with my £5 voucher that I got in exchange for a bag of my old clothes it was only £20! Score.

Photos by Richard Murphy