Friday, 25 May 2012


The sun is shining on down this week and apparently next thank the lord. Maybe with white milk bottles I call my legs will get an ever so slight tan. I can only pray.
With an actual summer looking possible looking at A/W clothing seems completely bonkers.
But this is just where procrastination and twitter leaves you.

I WANT this dress.

This is some of my chosen images from the Twenty8Twelve lookbook A/W12.
Oh and this entire outfit.

Ok not all of the look book tiggled my fancy but I love the wearablility of the Twenty8Twelve line. This collection was the first after Savannah and Sienna Miller stepped down. But all their morals still stood in place.
The shoes are something i would like to add to the closet fo-sure!
After seeing their A/W 10 collection on the Elle website I've had a bit of lovin for this brand. So when I went to London Fashion Weekend in 2010 I brought a bargain of a white jacket, however I still am yet to wear it.

Images curtesy of > check out the whole lookbook!

Monday, 21 May 2012

Some would say I am no longer an Atheist.

So the dress I got for the wedding has left me wanting to burn a hole in me pocket.

It seems Religion has become one of my fave brands. I have been trawling online on their website, ebay, House of Fraser, and this new pretty cool website Serene Order wanting to buy everything.

Union Jack Cardigan £90 -Also comes in grey.
I want both!

Ivi Kew Print Dress £65

Absolutely love the back of this. 
This backless design comes in different 
t-shirt styles.

Pinstorm Backless Top £45
Roberto Wash Modesty Dress £50
Paris Shirt £60

American Flag Dress £45

Falling Jacket £180

What makes them what they are is their deisgn. It may be simple but there a little twists and rips that give the clothes that edge. The materials and colours along with the design, mash up the girly and the grunge to give you something that is just right.

I have been converted. 

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Friday, 18 May 2012

Finally A Dress

The Wedding dress issue is finally solved. After an interview for an internship for over the summer me and my housemate Rosie, who had joined me on the expedition, thought it only polite to hit Oxford Street for a couple of hours.

Thank you House of Fraser for supplying me with this beaut and in good time.

This little number is by Religion. Slightly grecian-esq I would say due the excess fabric on one side. It's quite girly for me with the light blue colour and stuff but I likeee.
I'm thinking my deep red suede platform shoes to go with it and I've ordered a matching red bindi to add to the redness. And if I can find one a nice silver arm cuff to add to the grecian thing.
I will get a pik from the day to see how the outfit actually turned out

Image curtesy  of

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

The Magazine

So finally this Uni project is done and dusted. Bloomin hell I hated it. I thought creating a magazine in teams would be fun but it isn't. Lets just say we were the last team to be put togetherso each of us were completely different in styles, personality... and some other things. However we managed to produce some sort of zine in the end.

Here's the pieces I put together.
The Cover

The Editors Letter

My Fashion Story/Shoot using some of my London Fashion Week Images

Interview with Blogger Lydia Elise Millen

Group Street Style Page

So basically we had to do a fashion/lifestyle magazine aimed at 18-25 year olds and had to include certain things both individually and in teams. We could design any type of magazine but with only just over a month to do it and with no actual teacher for my indesign (thankgod for the boyf doing graphic design!) I think overall we did alright.

The magazine was based on a glamour/grunge type element however I think this toned down as we started producing it. Jo is a unisex magazine, and is all about the real. We wanted to look at real people, real style and real prices.
Our cover we used the sex symbols to create our magazine name into a form of logo to give the magazine an identity, using this for the cover gave it a unique appeal. I felt people would pick it off the shelf as they would want to know what was inside.

Monday, 14 May 2012

The Necklace of all Necklaces

Ok so the wedding I have previously talked about is less than a month away. Finally my dress I ordered off ASOS came today after them sending me the complete wrong dress the first time. So I tried it on. And oh my god it was horrible. Either it's cos I just don't have the model bod, or the image on the website is a complete lie. I am opting for the second one.

So the dress for the wedding is still on going and time is flying fast!

Surfing the web the obvious search on Topshop was on the list first. But nothing tickled me fancy. I turned to River Island thinking maybe I could go for a skirt and a top rather than just aiming to buy a dress. Really loved this one. Quite casj but I thought I could jazz it up. Plus I would be able to wear it after the wedding too. Bonus!

Red Aztec Print Wrap Front Skirt £28

The ponder continued to the "new in" section. And this is when this happened.
Turquoise Bead and Shell Cape Necklace £40

Now the whole outfit idea suddenly needs to work with this piece of art.

Will I find the matching items in time? Will anything go with it? Will I even wear it to the wedding?

The search continues....