Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Street Style Finals

Here is the directed "straight-up shots" which I personally call Julie's own personal finals, after she decided to re-edited the brief when I asked her opinion on the idea of using zoom-ins.
After her request and then researching through the one thousand and god knows what photographs I took during the one and a half days at London Fashion Week, here's what I decided to finalise on.

The lady on the right, a french stylist was one of the favorite people I photographed. Her style is amazing and certainly caught my eye. She carries off the clash of colours and patterns amazingly.

As for the dude on the left. His hair and tweed blazer <3.

Monday, 19 March 2012

Fashion Design Shoot

Here's the final images. We had to choose the annoying number of two images again  (Jules your driving me crazayyyyy with your 2 photo obsession woman), for another part of my Imaging and Styling Project. The 50s Historical shoot is done, the Street Style is basically done and here are the Fashion Design collaboration images. 
We had to work with a student from the 3rd year Fashion Design students and photograph an outfit from their final collection. I got to work with the lovely Hope Scrivener and her final men's wear collection, which was influenced by Ancient Iran.
 So I had the clothes, all I had to do was figure out whether to use the studio or a location, style the shoot, find a model, do the shoot and edit the photos.
Although the friggin awesome location of Orford Ness was out of the question due to it only being accessible by boat and the "2 hour day trips" there didn't start this year till April, I found Dungeness in Kent and well here's what I ended up with. . .

This is how I'l present them to Jules on the hand in.
Here have a closer look...

Clothing made & Designed by - Hope Scrivener
Styling & Photography - Me> Hannah Byrne

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Potential Buy?

So I got my cousins wedding coming up in June. And although its still a while away I have been searching the far corners of the internet to get inspiration of what to wear! My first idea was that gold cropped bralet top from H&M I previously posted about teamed with a long red chiffon type skirt which I was going to attempt to make (when I say I, I am actually referring to my mother and Nanny Pam), and then finished with my little babies (My deep red platform heels).
However as the bralet isn't out till April I can not help but to keep looking for other options which is when  H&M did it to me again.

I don't know about pounds but in dollars this beaut comes in at $199. Mother said it'l be about £100 but look how perfect it is. So perfect in fact that it matches with the colour theme I have with this blog. It also gives me a reason to invest in a new pair of heels. I'm thinking purple to match the embroidery on the body of the dress.

It is part of H&Ms new Glamour collection. After the amazing Marni collaboration H&M just seems to be getting better and better.
Like the bralet this comes out in April too, so I have a bit of time to think.

But to think about what I do not know. 

Images curtesy of Teen Vogue

Monday, 12 March 2012

Street Style Zoom-ins

Here are some street style zoom-ins from London Fashion Week. Got a few more pics I will probably put on here but just doing a few at a time to mix it up a bit. If you know what i mean.
Wanted to use the zoom-ins for my Street Style final images. But no. 

So much for being able to explore your own creativity and experiment at University.

The bottom image is one of my favourites from all the shots I took. Although I do like my straight-up shots there is something about the zoom-ins that gets you to focus on an element of the persons style and  allows you to let your imagination wonder what the rest of them looks like.
I'l be putting some more up soon, and some of those god damn straight up shots too.

Friday, 9 March 2012

Zara are you really doing this to me?

So my blogging bug has got worse. I now have a Tumblr as well as this blogger. See I believe tumblr to be more like an online scrpbook of images you store and Blogger as a way of boring you all with my writing and showing and talking about things.

But anyways here is a picture that I reblogged on Tumblr. A lookbook type style of madamederosa's.
Now this Spanish girl has style. But that tie-dye print dress. Ohh I want it. Even though I know with my curly locks wearing it would make me look even more of a hippie, maybe I just need to elaborate this hippie-esq thing I have going on and embrace it. Or option 2 just straighten my hair when I wear the dress. This is, of course, when I have purchased it. 
I go on to the Zara website. I see the picture of it. Yesss, its on there. £39.99. Not to bad, I can handle that. I go down to choose my size. They're all blanked out. They haven't even got any in stock.
Why have it on the website Zara if I can not purchase it?

I am slightly disheartened but I promise to continue my search.

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Celeb Spotting at LFW

Ok I know this is a very delayed reaction but after taking way over a thousand photographs in a day and a half it takes a bit of time to go through the photos.
Anyways here's some celeb spotting at Friday's and Saturdays London Fashion Week.
Jameela Jamil
Susie Bubble 
Louise Redknapp

Lisa Snowdon

Brix Smith-Start
Kate Nash

Bip Ling
Pixie Lott

Susie Bubble
Zandra Rhodes

Alexandra Burkehead

Dawn from Eastenders

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Balmain! Pierre Balmain!

So I got back after a hard days grafting at Uni, sat on my bed to ponder about life while taking a sip of my blackcurrant squash (extremely weak and drank always through a straw).
Whilst pondering I looked at my handbag, (a beautiful black Topshop number) a christmas present from the rents, when I noticed the scarf that I attached to the bag myself had THIS written on it!!.....
Pierre Balmain! Well blow me sideways!
This silk scarf (one of four he brought me), was one of my birthday presents from the boyf. And only now, 3months after I have realised. Thank god I found it again after it fell off in the Morrison's car park and was still there after I had done my shopping. Just shows how ignorantly oblivious I am sometimes. Actually adored this scarf anyway but now its just even more loved.

Thank you Richard. You Cheeky.

Friday, 2 March 2012

Cross My Heart

Still am yet to post about my London Fashion Week experience this Feb. However today was the first wear of my solid silver Michael Denardo necklace.

Top - Topshop.   Dress - Miss Selfridge.
Originally £110 and then priced at £59 at the London Fashion Weekend. Brought by me for £49 due to my cheeky bargaining. You go girl!

Michaell Denardo is a  London based jewellery designer for both women and men, originally from Pennsylvania. Some of Denardo's earlier pieces are even displayed in the V&A. Some celebrities that have worn Denardo include, the editor of Vogue - Alexandra Shulman, the managing director of Vogue - Frances Bentley, Kevin Spacey and Diana Ross. He even made the golden jubilee necklace for the Queen!

At LFWnd he had some pretty cool necklaces and rings. Here is his website -, however there is nothing on there that tickles my fancy especially with such a small variety. Maybe it's best to visit one of his stores.