Friday, 9 March 2012

Zara are you really doing this to me?

So my blogging bug has got worse. I now have a Tumblr as well as this blogger. See I believe tumblr to be more like an online scrpbook of images you store and Blogger as a way of boring you all with my writing and showing and talking about things.

But anyways here is a picture that I reblogged on Tumblr. A lookbook type style of madamederosa's.
Now this Spanish girl has style. But that tie-dye print dress. Ohh I want it. Even though I know with my curly locks wearing it would make me look even more of a hippie, maybe I just need to elaborate this hippie-esq thing I have going on and embrace it. Or option 2 just straighten my hair when I wear the dress. This is, of course, when I have purchased it. 
I go on to the Zara website. I see the picture of it. Yesss, its on there. £39.99. Not to bad, I can handle that. I go down to choose my size. They're all blanked out. They haven't even got any in stock.
Why have it on the website Zara if I can not purchase it?

I am slightly disheartened but I promise to continue my search.


  1. Wow its gorgeous though

    NRC ♥

  2. Tell me about it! Im gonna hunt it down.
    Following :)