Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Pocahontas Booties

Boots - House of Harlow / Jumper - H&M / Skirt - Topshop / Jacket - zara / Scarf - H&M

After buying these boots in February, I thought it was about time to get some proper wear out of them. I saw them at London Fashion Weekend in February 2012 at the end of the day, fell in love with them but felt too guilty to buy them as I'd already spent a lot. However, it must have been fate as I found them waiting for me again this year. I had barely heard of House of Harlow before purchasing these booties, (which remind me of something Pocahontas would wear) but looking online when I got home, I realised it was the brand started up by Nicole Richie. I love her boho chic style so I guess this is why I was drawn in by this pair. 

As for the jumper, yes, it was fluffy so I had to get it, and yes it is H&M ... of course. The winters coming in so anything, warm and cosy is welcome. When getting bored with your wardrobe and every morning is a struggle of what to wear, a few new purchases always seem to perk things up. 

As you can see Beth and I are really getting into our photography, and making the most of our beautiful front garden, or what others would call the beach.

Photos taken by Beth Dowdell

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

I Wish.

Multicoloured Mongolian Fur Tote Bag, River Island £150

Sweet Platform Cleated Loafers, Topshop £80

Both abit different to my usual wish list items, but for some reason I love them both. The bag comes with my new all things furry and fluffy obsession, the heels I saw on a blogger somewhere or other and they looked pretty swish. 

I am also still currently on the hunt for this River Island, patchwork and fur collared jacket which I saw on the Grazia Instagram feed in around June. Knowing that it was an AW13 item, I waited till September to start my hunt, looking at the new in section of most days. Over a month on I'm sill persevering. I will find that jacket, and it will be mine!

Beth's OOTD

Coat - Topshop / Necklace - River Island / Top - H&M / Skirt - H&M / Boots - River Island

So, after yet another unsurprisingly stressful day at Uni, what better way to unwind than hit the beach, get some fresh air and sun, and of course take some Outfit Of The Day photos for the blog. Blogging this year has become a source of taking some time to myself, and to take my mind off the worries that is third year at Northbrook. I am really enjoying getting back into something, that is like a mini hobby/project in itself, no matter how few people actually view it. Ah the joys of talking to yourself!

It is noticeably getting colder down here by the sea, but another perfect excuse for Beth to whack out the amazing powder pink coat she purchased, as well as her new boots and new faux-leather skirt. The wind was slightly blowing, and the sun shining low in the sky giving great lighting and atmosphere for these shots. Again, I used no editing what so ever on these photos so I'm really proud. Especially as I now use my manual setting rather than the automatic one on my camera, meaning I have to set up all aspects, the aperture, shutter speed and so on to get the right look. As I say, "You Go Girl!"

Images taken and owned by me, Hannah Byrne

Monday, 14 October 2013

Studio Time - Section two

Dress - H&M / Necklace - H&M / Shoes - New Look

Skirt - H&M / Top - Zara / Boots - H&M / Ring - The Brighton Lanes

Coat - H&M / Headband - M&S / Shoes - Zara / Leggings - H&M

So here's the photo's of me taken by Beth last Friday in the studio. I have to admit I am more comfortable behind the camera rather than in front of it, due to not being a natural mover, as well as having one-eye-smaller-than-the-other syndrome. However, it was fun and great to get some shots of my recent purchases. 

I will admit I was going to return the red skirt as I started to question how often I would wear it. But after this shoot, it's a keeper! As you can see from this post, H&M is one of my favourite high street shops, along with the amazing Zara. As I was writing where all my clothes are from I realised my obsession, but it is one of those shops you can rely on to have what you need. At the Student Lock-in last Wednesday, apart from Millies Cookies (best cookies EVER), H&M was the only other store I took advantages of the discount. I was tempted in River Island, (although it was manic and they ended up not having the boots I wanted in my size), as well as Zara of course (but they had no discount!), but H&M was my only lover that night, and I'm sure if I had spent longer in there, my bags would have been fuller!

Photographs and editing by Beth Dowdell

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Studio Time

Coat - Topshop / Leggings - Miss Selfridge / Top - H&M / Hat - H&M / Shoes - Valentino Red 
Ring - Vivienne Westwood / Lipstick - Kate Moss

 Coat - H&M / Shoes - Christian Louboutin / Top - H&M / Lipstick - Kate Moss (matte)

So, last Wednesday was Student Lockin night in Brighton, i.e. discounts off a number of stores, so students come and spend all your loans. Therefore with new stuff to flaunt, Bethany and I decided to book an afternoon in the white studio at Uni and take some Oufit Of The Day pictures for one another, whilst getting to grips with lighting and our cameras a little more.

Although, I have been in the studio before, as well as having my own mini lighting set at home, it was great to have a play around without anyone dictating to us the rights and wrongs. We had a great couple of hours and at the end an incident that left us nearly literally weeing ourselves with laughter. Ah good times. I hardly edited these images after the shoot, therefore I feel pretty proud of how the lighting and everything turned out. I am eager to get back in the studio though as I wanna get a bit more creative and maybe come up with my own concept and creation, getting more involved with styling and creative direction myself.

I LOVE Beth's new coat buys from Wednesday. THANK GOD she finally found herself a pink coat as she has been wanting one for ages now! It's great photographing Beth as she's not only photogenic, but she moves and poses making it an easy job for me to get some great shots. My OOTD images from our time in the studio which Beth took of me are on their way too. See Beth's blog here.