Saturday, 25 February 2012

Historical Shoot

Ok so here is the final result (at last) of the cause of my recent fixation with anything 50s. From the clothes to the make-up, but most importantly Marilyn Monroe. So for part of my Imaging and Styling project was the Historical Shoot, where i was given the 50s era. The conclusion having to be two images which had to be taken in the studio. We had to style the whole shoot, which meant resourcing the clothes and accessories, as well as finding a suitable model. As for hair and make-up we were partnered up with the Second year hair and make-up who we had to work with to get the right style.

Dress - Mothers. make - Monsoon
Jacket - Purchased at a charity catwalk show. make - Tesco
Leather Gloves - Old birthday present from my father.
Belt - make - Zara. Brought by Mother for me when she went on holiday.
Model - Rosie Mason (my beauts housemate)
Make-up and hair - Kelsey Scott-Jackson
Photography, styling & editing - Me
Editing tutor - Richard Murphy (Click here to check out his blog!)

Wednesday, 22 February 2012


Came across the Yayer clothing website not that long ago. They've got a cool mix of modern and vintage clothing. As I liked them on the ole faceyB their new in for February popped up on the news feeds and I thought why not have a cheeky peek. Liking quite a lot of their stuff, with its hipster cool vintage vibe. Here's a couple of my faves.

Red Tux Jacket £35

Field of Roses Top £25

Just Baroque Top £26

Dip Dyed Fringe Dress £45

Tie dye dress £39

Caged in Sheer Shirt £25

Diamond Shapes Silk Shirt £26

Dark Sun Shirt Dress £26

Storm Walker Dress £32

With pretty dece prices how can you complain. If you love vintage inspired printed shirts most definitely check out their Website, BlogFacebook or even their Twitter.

Friday, 17 February 2012

The Woman In Black

Blinkin Nora. You wanna poo your pants then go to the cinema and see this one. I swear even though I hid behind my scarf majority of the film, I actually let out a scream at one point. 12a my bum cheeks!
We came out the cinema laughing. When Nan said the play was a bit jumpy. Well....
Definitely one to check out. Radcliffe is far from the baby Potter. 

Image curtesy of

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Proenza Schouler

New brand loving this evening guys. Proenza Schouler. The womenswear and accessories brand, founded in 2002 by Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez.
I am likey liking their take on modern and well tailored femininity. It's a cool mix of prim but with an edge. However it's their detailing that really makes their pieces unique. I think I may have a new brand to give some affection to.
Here's my faves from their New York 2012 catwalks.

S/S 2012 
With it's Hawian leafs, florals and giraffe prints there was a definite tribal/ safari theme going on. Yet it was done in a fresh way. Although some pieces in this collection don't quite tickle my fancy, here's the pieces that stood out.

Ahhh a bit of a 50s vibe here how can I not have loved this!

The stripes. The pvc.

Lime green with a hint of tiger print! Mmmmmmm.

A/W 2012
Now I liked their S/S don't get me wrong, however when I hit the winter catwalk things just went to the next level. 
Proenza Schouler A/W 2012 said "The girl's are back in town and they mean business".
The models wore the attire with a slightly grungy style, with their hair, the chunky black boots, holding the handbags like it were a bikers helmet. The designs were strong and boxy, giving a new take on androgyny
I love the edginess and every piece will be placed on my "if i was a rich girl nanananana" wish list.
I want to keep writing about how amazing this collection is but as a picture says a thousand words.... 

This is bigger cos its my fave!

The Jacket.
"Where's my effing motor cycle!!"
Yum yum the attention to the deets.

Japanesie, ethentic print. I didn't a see that coming! But Ohh myy.

Another shade darrliinnng!

Hmmm I may have gone a bit crazzayy on the old picture uploading situation but seriously it could have been much worse. Anyway I hope you share my adoration (if thats even a word).

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

The Grammy's 2012.

Julian Macdonald dress

Well hello there Jessie J in your rather ladylike gown and rather sleek hair! The mirrored affect of the material and hand on the hip = keeping it real.
Elie Saab Couture dress
Who else could look this good all in blue. Katy Perry the hair and although its pretty long and extremely girly the dress is a like. Who's Russel Brand?

This image had to be put on here just because this lady amazes me. Oh Lady Gaga, what are you like.
And this Nicky Minaj red cape dress hooded god knows what thing, its pretty horrendous and has caused a bit of conspiracy theories to arise. Like the illuminati? Check this out.
Apparently the stitched woman on the front of the dress is Whitney Houston. I'm all for researching the Illuminati but this is some crazy ass theory.
Got to say I've never quite got Kelly Osbourne but Girl You Looking Goooood! The hair the dress and the cheeky tat. <3

Images curtesy of <<< Have a look at some of the other outfits. e.g. Fergie in Orange Lace.

Elle Style Awards 2012

Stella McCartney suit

Elle my faves magazine recently held its Style Awards 2012. Having a quick peek on tha tints thought I'd post what host of the awards Alexa Chung wore. A lot of people rave about Alexa's style but I really liked what she put together for the Elle Awards. And I must admit I'm loving her hairdo at the minute too.

This is her after party outfit. La la love the dress. 

Let's take a moment to appreciate Burberry model and actor Eddie Redmayne 's Burberry suit...
Pftt it may be a nice suit but who cares what he's wearing. Mmm mmm mmm to Eddie the winner of Elle's Best Actor Award 2012.

Sunday, 12 February 2012

The £110 dress

Down in Richmond with Mother, Father, seeing Rach & Glen (Second Mum& Dad) us girls decide to go shopping.
French Connection. The first thing I see. 
For some reason I really like like like it.
£110 though? Whaaaa!!!!!
I don't think I can justify that.

Check it outtt!!! -

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Saturday, 11 February 2012

My First "Lookbook"

Hello moody face.  My first"Lookbook" style shot thing.

Ralph Lauren Jumper - stolen from my uni friends ex boyfriend after borrowing it in the freezing temperatures.
Paul Smith shirt - hand-me-down from Aunty Isha
Black leggings - H&M (the thin ones. Note to self buy thick leggings in future)
Rectangle earrings & chunkier necklace - stolen from mothers jewellery boxes as I forgot mine when I came home for halfterm.

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

D&G S/S 12

Ok. The diffusion line D&G has even got me as well. The eye-catching bold prints in rich arrays of colours were embellished over the silky material which was designed into kaftans, shorts, shirts and loose trousers. This with the added styling of the big floppy hats gave a great 70s feel whilst still upholding that D&G glamour.

Both lines designed by the owners Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana are to be merged back into one for the upcoming seasons. And these two S/S 12 shows have been an amazing finale before the merge. However I am extremely excited about the future shows, with the Domenico and Stefano saying "For the upcoming seasons, D&G will become part of Dolce&Gabbana, giving even more strength and energy to our collections." and 'To us, it's like going back to when we began our adventure: full of ideas.'
Can not wait to see whats a gonna occur.

Read the full story on:

Dolce and Gabbana

Before this Spring/Summer 2012 collection grabbing my attention, I have never really been a massive fan of Dolce and Gabbana. But oh my my.
I think it may be this obsession I have gained with the 50s due to my uni project. However who could resist the beautiful 50s style designs, embosses with amazing florals and bold colours. Heres a few of me favs!

From vegetable prints of onions to aubergines, pencil skirts to full skirts, dresses to swimwear style body suits. These images are only a few picked of my favourites but as a whole the catwalk was an amazing array of beautiful designs. The finale of the deeply embellished swimwear, a piece worn by every model that filled the stage must have looked amazing. The detail within each jewelled design was wowzaaaaaaa. 

As for the ad campaigns of this seasons looks, photographer Giampaolo Sgura shot the two Italian models Monica Bellucci and Bianca Balti. The ads set up images of a classic italian family, illustrating Dolce and Gabbana's traditional side and influence, but with a modern twist keeps that glamour that is always a part of their brand.

I love the humour and the strong point of family values.

Catwalk images curtesy of
Advertisement images curtesy of