Thursday, 27 February 2014

Maybe She's Born With It

Maybelline Colour Sensational Nude Lipstick in 725 Tantalizing Taupe - £6.99

Maybelline Brow Drama Sculpting Mascara - £4.99

Maybelline Eyestudio Colour Tattoo 24 hour Cream Gel Eyeshadow - £4.99

Maybelline ColourShow Nude Nail Polish Collection in 229 Bronze Me Up - £3.99

Maybelline ColourShow Nude Nail Polish Collection in 227 In Your Flesh - £3.99
Recently I have really been getting into my make-up hence my recent beauty posts. Last Saturday, I went to London Fashion Weekend, which was my Christmas present from my Mum's friend Rachel. it has become a bit of a February ritual, this being the third year we have been together. The set-up changes everytime, this year seeming more boutique-y and a lot more focused around the fashion industry, with lots of great talks with bloggers and industry professionals.

I went, promising myself I wouldn't spend any money, as I have a trip to New York coming up in a few weeks (so excited!). However, I can not go somewhere with so much temptation and not buy anything! As well as, spending £80 on a co-ord (yes I finally have one! But am saving it for my trip to NYC), I brought this make-up. This set worth £24.95, I got for a mere £12.50! 

I can not wait to try out the products once my eyes have calmed down (uni stress).

Label.M Mini Hairspray - £3.99

Maybelline Baby Kiss Lip Balm in Peach Kiss - £2.99
These are some of the other goodies I got in my show bag that came with the ticket. Whilst writing this I just opened and tried the Maybelline Lip Balm. The smell is so nice! It gives a nice thick covering on the lips and I most definitely feel them being smoothed and moisturised. Again I will let you know how I find these products too.

As well as these freebies, I got a free red Maybelline Nail Varnish, lots of Kinda Beunos, and also a free massage! I had never had a massage before and it was amazing. I nearly fell asleep. I can't wait to have enough money to be able to have monthly spa days. ((In my dreams!))

Here's a small video (sorry about the lack of quality) from the catwalk show I also attended as part of my ticket, which was styled by It was a great part of the day, and felt like I was actually part of the world of fashion.

Images and Photographs taken by Me.

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

New Coat

Coat - H&M / Jumper - H&M / Leggings - H&M / Boots - H&M / Necklace - Topshop / 
Sunglasses - Topshop

Finally got the delivery! I wear black . . . well let's just say a lot. Yet, I realised I didn't own a black coat. What a perfect opportunity to spend some money in the H&M sale. As you can see,just by this outfit, H&M is one of my all time favourite shops along with the likes of Zara. I know it is not the most amazing coat, but I think the subtle detailing and shape will make it an easy piece to throw over the top of most outfits. I would say it is more of a jacket material in terms of warmth, but when the sun was shining like today, it was perfect.

It was nice to be back with my own personal photographer, Beth, and the sun was actually shining, and the wind wasn't blowing us away. Please bring more days like this!

Photos by Beth Dowdell

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

White. Black. And A Dash Of Red.

Dress £29.99 / Bag £39.99 / Necklace £29.99 / Shoes £59.99

I am a complete Zara worshipper. I'm writing this whilst day dreaming about wearing these new arrivals I came across on their website. And how about these shoes below!? I will admit I am a lover of the Stella McCartney originals with the cleated soles, but still. <3


Monday, 17 February 2014


Don't I just have the best Mumma in the world!! As I said I have been getting into my beauty stuff a lot recently, and want to start improving my own make-up both looks, as well as the make-up itself. I have always been a MAC cosmetics lover, using their studio fix powder for god knows how long.

I don't know about anyone else, but I hardly ever wear eyeshadow. I usually just stick to the convenience of  my small Clinique set I got as part of a birthday gift one year. With presents and freebies from internships, I have a lot of random make-up including a lot of individual eye shadows. But with them not all being together where I can see them, most get left untouched and lonely in a draw. 

However, my blog following addiction has presented me with these goodies, after I showed my Mum Shirely B. Eniang's purchases in her recent video. Mum and I both agreed that having all your eye shadows collected in big palettes was a perfect idea. Little did I know my mum would come back from London the next day with one for me, as a Valentines gift! Crazy lady! I am spoilt rotten!

So basically, MAC allows you to buy the plastic see through palettes, and then choose what inserts you would like (eg. eyeshadow holders or blushers etc..). Mother, as you can see brought me the eyeshadow insert, and my first two eyeshadows to start off my collection! Being a rather expensive investment, I will collect new eyeshadows as and when I have the money. I'm literally in love and can not wait to try out my first two colours. Mum, went for a pale cream neutral, which I can use as a base, and then a shimmery pink so I can add some colour. I know it is a pretty pricey way to do things, but so much more practical. Plus quality always costs more, that's why I am willing to invest in the prices of MAC products.

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Garnier BB Cream

Recently I have been getting a lot more interested in beauty regimes and make-up, upping my subscriptions to a lot more blogs dedicated to make-up. I suffer from really dry skin, which is worsened when I get stressed and my eczema comes up all over my eyes. Therefore I sometimes find it hard to really make my make-up look nice and experiment as sometimes I just can't wear it. 

My mum used to do Virgin Vie and wedding make-up and is the biggest of hoarders and buyers of the beauty stuff. So yesterday she donated me some new eyeshadows and eyeliners she never uses! Bingo! When my eyes are not puffed up and dry with eczema, I also have the problem of having more bags than Tescos beneath them. Therefore I decided I really needed to invest in a good concealer or something to try and improve my make-up look. 

I went out wanting to try the Garnier Caffeine Anti-dark Circles 2-in-1 Roll-on, which I had blogger and Youtuber Inthefrow use in one of her make-up tutorials (see here). However, when I went to my local Boots they didn't stock this exact one. This is when I came across the new Garnier Skin Naturals BB Cream Miracle Skin Perfector Eye Roll On. My mum had told me BB cream was really good, and it was on offer £9.99 down to £7.49. I brought this in light to match my fair skin.

Not being the greatest of make-up know it alls, I brought this hoping it would work miracles. The tube is a lot smaller than the box makes it out to be, but I'm sure it will last a long time. I went with this one as it not only conceals the signs of fatigue, but also reduces their appearance, illuminates and hydrates. It is also fragrance free, which for someone like me with sensitive skin is a definite plus. In the past I have used concealer that was so dry and thick, having dry skin anyway, it just doesn't work. 

I used the BB Cream Eye Roll-On today for the first time and I'm really impressed. The cream is light and moisturising, whilst still giving a great coverage when using the smallest amount. The colour was also a great match to the rest of my make-up. I would definitely recommend this product, however I will give another update after using this product for over a week, as it states that your skin will appear less tired, more refreshed and bags appear less visible.

Friday, 14 February 2014

Bandana Print

Top worn as dress - Primark / White top - Primark / Boots - Office / Headpiece - Miss Selfridge / 
Lipstick - Soap&Glory Red My LipsNail varnish - Rimmel 193 Black Cherries

Nipped into town last weekend with the rents and the boyf to do some errands. Mum and Rich needed to head to Primark for some basics, so I followed. I am not the biggest Primark fan full stop. I hate the crowds and the clothes being so unorganised. The one in Northampton is probably the worst. However, somehow this top caught my eye. I love the bandana print, and navy blue is a good colour for my pale complexion. I got this top in a size 16 so I could wear it as a dress rather than top. For £6 I could not resist!

Due to the weather being bloomin freezing, I added this white top underneath that my housemate Beth gave me. I was going to add a matching bandana that I already own, and tie it up in my hair, but thought I may be taking the Brooklyn gangster chic a step too far. (I see a theme arising from my last post) Instead I added this awesome headpiece my immature chum brought me for part of my 21st birthday present (I also received a Snoop Dogg vinyl, of course). I have barely worn it, but absolutely love it. To match the purple in the bead on the headpiece, I opted for a dark lipstick and matching dark purple nails, although I think my white mails from the other day would have worked really well with this look. 

Photos of course were taken by me, hence the lack in quality!

Thursday, 13 February 2014


Untold by House Of Fraser £39 down to £9.20

Untold by House Of Fraser £24 down to £5.60

Pretty Polly via House Of Fraser £5.50 down to £5 

So it is Valentines day tomorrow. The day of lust and love. Of course the day to adorn yourself in some oh so sexy undergarms. Weirdly, Richard and I have never actually spent Valentines day together, instead always opting for a late more casual celebration (both pretending were not that bothered). However, this year we were both determined to do it properly and really declare our feelings for one another (cheesay or what!). 

Problem is he's living at his aunties, and I'm back at home for the holidays. So, we actually won't be spending Valentines night alone. But, Saturday night we have the house to ourselves and have opted to stay in and cook a meal. This means no driving and lots of Prosecco for me! This, of course is at the disappointment of not being able to flaunt my new pencil skirt and shoes, snidely brought in the current sales (yet to be shown on here). But my mother did say why not dress up anyway, so this I may just do. 

Back to the point of this post - The New Undergarms! I have an unusual bra size, meaning finding good fitting and beautiful bras is a rare occasion. I had been searching online for a new sexy ensemble, with pretty much no luck, ending up in me swooning over Agent Provocateur's amazing, but extremely costly lingerie. (A girl can dream.) But luck did strike yesterday, during a casual stroll in Northampton town when helping my friend trying to find some new clothes. We thought we'd quickly check out the House Of Fraser closing down sale, which was a literally retail nightmare. Clothes were thrown EVERYWHERE. Being the shop snob I am, I couldn't wait to get out, but thought I should attempt to have a quick look. Et Voila!

I can not believe the gorgeousness of the colour of this bra, and the material, let alone the discount! I do love a good bargain. With the gloss stockings and suspender, I feel like a retro glamour girl (if only!). I didn't buy the matching knickers as I felt they were a bit too granny central, and have a lace pair that would go quite well instead. Let's just hope the boyf likes!

If you live in Northampton and like a good rake through the sales, you should pop in and have a look.

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Rap White

Top - Brighton Lanes / Skirt - Zara / Boots - Office / Necklace - Topshop / Midi-Rings - Next

I'm going to meet my friend to day for lunch and shopping in town, as I'm back home for the half term. I thought I was really good with limiting how much of my wardrobe I brought back with me, as usually I bring the whole thing. However, I feel now I haven't brought enough (or maybe I'm just bored of the stuff I've brought). God knows what this outfit is, but oh well. The top I actually brought for my brother, who quickly got bored. So being the cheapy that I am, I put it back in my own wardrobe, usually wearing it with my joggers to chill out. But being bored and mad, I decided to put it with my lovely smart Zara skirt. And then ofcourse I added a chunky gold chain to really enhance my inner gangsta! ((Excuse the mardy face, trying to capture outfits on your lonesome is hard! I need my Bethy!))

 Last night, after concentrating on Uni work all day I decided to kick back and paint my nails. I have seen SO many people with white nails and always thought it looked so good, so I thought I'd give it ago. I think if I wasn't so pale it would look ALOT better. But anywho I'm just loving life. The midi-rings were part of my voucher purchases from next from a few posts ago (see here). I attempted to wear them all at once the other day in sheer fashion excitement, but I believe it looks a lot better when toned down, with just one or two.

Monday, 10 February 2014

Here We Go Again

All I keep dreaming and blogging of is my need for a co-ord in my life. And I have seen SO many amazing ones at that. But funds and indecisiveness has left my closet still yearning for a matching outfit. I saw this top in H&M a while a go, and got excited expecting it to be some form or co-ord or another but nuh huh, there were no bottoms too be found. 
Woven Top £24.99 - H&M

This of course leaving me broken hearted. However, I think I have found a replacement love and of the striped kind. This replacement being from my other fave shop Zara.
Striped Top with Frilly Cuff £25.99 - Zara

Striped Tube Skirt £25.99 - Zara
How Amaze is this for a co-ord. I know it is really simple, but I love the stripes. Plus for SS14 it is a perfect match for the monochromatic trend! The detail of the frilly cuffs on the top adds a great Sixties feel. I can totes see me, my black heeled Zara sandals and a fedora hat with this outfit.

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Check It

Top - Pull & Bear / Jeans - H&M / Boots - H&M

Finally! The sun came out and we actually got to do a blog post! The wind was atrocious, however, Beth and I managed to actually get some decent shots of one another. I love love love this top, which I brought on Saturday (see the post here) from Pull & Bear. It was £12.99 in the sale down from £25.99. The browny orange and blue colours suit my skin tone, which is great, as I usually end up wearing black a lot due to my pale complexion. The material and shape give it that easy to wear, laid back look which goes perfect with jeans. Bring on the good weather and more blog posts is what I say!

Check out the images I took for Beth on her blog Fashion Against Nudism.

Photos taken by Beth Dowdell
Editing by Me 

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Voucher Buys

After ages of non-spending, I have gone slightly cray this week. I have got some sales and eBay purchases, which are yet to be delivered but will hopefully be outfit posted on the blog over the next week or so. However, with the horrid stress of uni, I most definitely needed some retail therapy to help cure.

If I am being totally honest I have never been the biggest fan of Next. However, in one of my past wish lists I had in fact picked out the most amazing pair of crocodile effect over the knee boots from Next. For Christmas I received a £40 gift voucher as part of my present from my Nan and Granddad. The first thing I thought was, YES, I can finally afford those boots!! But of course they were no longer available. Bloody typical.

The boyf spent a little too much money on trains to come see me (I'm worth it of course!) With him starting his job this week and getting his first pay, we hit Brighton for some lunch and shopping. After fainting for my first ever time, in the middle of the busiest Nando's ever, we headed to Next, determined to spend this god damn voucher. After lusting over some black strappy heels, I ended up with these few buys for the exact amount of £40.

Candle £9 - NEXT

5x Midi Rings £7 - NEXT

Suede Feel Flats £24 - NEXT
I am really happy with these final buys, even though I am still mourning for those beautiful boots. My shoe collection has needed some new friends, and these red flats are so different from anything I have so far. The colour is the most amazing berry red, and will brighten up any black outfit. As for the midi rings, I have been wanting some for ages! With £9 left to spend this candle just smelt too good. Plus it has 55 hours worth of burning time!

The last shop we checked out was Pull & Bear. I have heard about this shop a few times, but have never been in a store. A brand new one recently opened up in Brighton, and the store layout and visual merchandising is amazing. So amazing, I am planning to dedicate a post about the brand. It isn't just that, but it is also the great clothes for great prices. I would place it in a similar position to H&M or the Zara TRF range in terms of pricing, design and quality, but with it's own style. i picked up this shirt in their sale for £12.99, down from £25.99.

Check Shirt £12.99 - Pull & Bear

Photos taken and edited by me.