Monday, 10 February 2014

Here We Go Again

All I keep dreaming and blogging of is my need for a co-ord in my life. And I have seen SO many amazing ones at that. But funds and indecisiveness has left my closet still yearning for a matching outfit. I saw this top in H&M a while a go, and got excited expecting it to be some form or co-ord or another but nuh huh, there were no bottoms too be found. 
Woven Top £24.99 - H&M

This of course leaving me broken hearted. However, I think I have found a replacement love and of the striped kind. This replacement being from my other fave shop Zara.
Striped Top with Frilly Cuff £25.99 - Zara

Striped Tube Skirt £25.99 - Zara
How Amaze is this for a co-ord. I know it is really simple, but I love the stripes. Plus for SS14 it is a perfect match for the monochromatic trend! The detail of the frilly cuffs on the top adds a great Sixties feel. I can totes see me, my black heeled Zara sandals and a fedora hat with this outfit.

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