Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Costume Jewellery

For many a many years now I have been wanting to build up a good selection of costume jewellery to vajazzle my wardrobe. After spending ages without buying any, these last couple of months I have made a good start on my collection (see below).

Costume jewellery can usually be very overpriced, especially as some tend to be slightly delicate and pieces can easily break and fall off. Whilst some of my collection were presents, some I have purchased myself and I have come to a conclusion. Topshop jewellery sales! When the sales hit the stores this is the best time to go stock up on your costume jewellery. You can get £20 necklaces for a mere £2.50. Definitely bargain must haves. When you become bored of the clothes in your wardrobe, sometimes just adding a necklace adds something a bit different and mixes up the outfit. With my lack of money in my funds and the likes of New York to save up for, my wardrobe has become totally uninspiring with a lack of new purchases. This was not helped by my purchase of BeyoncĂ© tickets for this coming Feb!! But she is my ultimate love and I could not have tried to get tickets after loosing out last year. Excitement can not even describe!!!



Present from Stall in MK




Photography by Me!

Friday, 13 December 2013


So Tumblr has always been one of my fave ways to procrastinate. My excuse being that I'm actually finding inspiration for my university projects, which sometimes is actually true. After hearing about Pinterest, I refused to join the bandwagon, as I already had too many forms of social media and internet sources to distract me. However at the beginning of this uni year, my friends were going on about their Pinterests, and well I felt like I was missing out on something. So, now, amongst all the other platforms, I am now a Pinner. And proud. 

It is so addictive, you may leave it alone for a couple of days but as soon as you pin something, you have to pin at least another ten things. It is also a great way to store information for university projects, more so than Tumblr as you can form a board dedicated to that one specific subject, making it easy to refer back to that image you found a couple of days back. This doesn't mean that my Tumblr is now a distant memory, as I am still a-tumbling, but maybe just less regularly. I see Tumblr as a giant on going mood board, something beautiful I can create for both myself and other people to scroll through. On the other hand Pinterest is more efficient, organised and a great source for quick references. 

Check out my Pinterest here and my Tumblr here.

If you are reading this most and are a Tumblr or a Pinner, leave me a link to yours in the comments box below so I can check it out!

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Company Reshoot

So a couple of posts ago (see here) I uploaded my final outcome for my answer to Company Magazines, Company Academy competition for the photography category. Due to the deadline for the competition being November 1st, and I only finding the competition just over a week before, it was a little bit of a rush to say the least! Although I did the best that I could within that time frame, I knew I could do better.

Due to having to enter the competition as part of my final degree mark, and having a month left till the deadline on the 9th December, I took the opportunity to push my work further and reshoot the whole thing. I slightly changed my concept, whilst still sticking to the pastel trend that is so relevant to the Spring Summer 2014 theme. I wanted to still keep the Company style and aesthetic whilst adding my own touches, such as the change in the use of font. I can definitely see an improvement in terms of my photography and lighting skills, which is something I most definitely lacked in on the first shoot. Livi the model was fab understanding exactly what I wanted and had great confidence. This time I also shot in a studio, which made SO much difference. Although it cost £50 to rent for three hours, it was definitely worth it and the owner James Thorpe was extremely helpful (see his site here). As like before, I laid out the imagery like a proper editorial on double page spreads to the size of Company magazine itself.However, I still am my own worst critic and can still see far more room for improvement. But what's done is done now as it is all handed in. So no looking back!

My boyfriend came along to help carry everything into the studio and for moral support. I got him to do some videoing of me shooting the images. Take a look below.

Photography by me, Hannah Byrne
Model - Olivia Hart
Videographer - Rich Murphy

Somewhere Nowhere

One of the things I love about following blogs (big up to Bloglovin) is finding out about new online shops. I started to compile a list of these for when I am procrastinating and have already scrolled through the whole contents of the likes of good old Topshop and Zara. One o the most recent I have added to the list I was introduced to via my fellow FMP studier Helly from Bells Fashion (deffo check out her blog).

Somewhere Nowhere offers handmade and custom designs by recent London College of Fashion Graduates Rex Lo and Elly Cheng. Their unique and outlandish clothing and accessories may not be my normal go to clothing choice, but there are a few pieces I am definitely wishing into my wardrobe. The fact that the clothing comes as unisex adds another distinctive element to their clothing. I just wish some of the pieces I wanted weren't sold out!

'May the power of rainbows and unicorns be with you'

Purple Long Sleeve Mesh Gather Dress £26

Navy Faux Leather Croco Clutch £12 (sale)

Unisex Blue Sparkle Skirt £44

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Wish List

Being a student may have its slightest benefits, however pockets full of money isn't one of them. I feel deprived from my love of new clothes. Although it pains me to look at these items on screen rather than them being in my wardrobe. I decided to make up a new wish list on here, whilst pretending I am actually putting them in my shopping basket.

Monday, 9 December 2013


Top - H&M / Skirt - H&M / Boots - H&M / Necklace - H&M / Socks - Primark / Bag - Topshop

Due to a my first full project hand in for my last year of University today, and my 21st birthday on Thursday, things have been pretty mental this week. This is the outfit I wore on Thursday to my day out in London with the boyfriend. I have needed an opportunity to wear this skirt and what better one than my 21st! We met at Euston and headed to my Nan's for Prosecco and lunch in Islington. We then checked out the new Burberry store on Regents Street, which we were talking about in my marketing lesson the other day. If only I could actually afford something from there!! This was followed by drinks and food in Leicester Square as we watched the crowds forming for the Nelson Mandela film premiere. Richard's Dad and Stepmum had then brought us tickets to see Billy Elliott at the theatre, so overall it was an amazing day. Due to my deadline me and my parents had decided to postpone the real celebrations till the week after, once I had gone back home for Christmas. However Friday night I walk into a restaurant with Rich unaware that my parents were the two loons sitting with half their faces hidden by the menus! Best suprise ever! Can't believe they had travelled all the way down to celebrate with me! Champagne and an amazing Nepalese meal - even better birthday! 

I feel so unbelievably lucky for everything! I'm not only going to New York, I got a new camera lens and loads more amazing stuff that will be up on here very soon. After being up till late last night to finish everything for my hand in today, I feel the rest of the day will be filled with eating, blogging and online shopping.

Photos by Beth Dowdell

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

The Bun

Dress - Hedonia / Necklace - Accessorise / Shoes - Topshop

A rare occasion where I have actually put my hair up. With my usual crazy curls, a small head and no hair styling skills what so ever, it is a tedious task to put my hair up in a way that looks half decent. Today I think I've not done too bad a job, even if I do say so myself. We had a hand in today for our draft marketing report, so after spending 10 minutes in uni the rest of the day is free. For some reason I seem to have put to the back of my mind the other deadline on Monday, which is a set in stone, not getting it back to work on deadline. Instead I feel like YOLO it's Christmas. One of the reasons for my burst of festive spirit and ceebs with uni work attitude, may be the small fact that it is my birthday tomorrow. Not just any birthday but me bloomin' 21st!!!! Although I won't be getting my main present till April from the rents, it's a gift worth waiting for. Ye, I'm going to NYC!!!!   

Images by Beth Dowdell