Thursday, 12 December 2013

Somewhere Nowhere

One of the things I love about following blogs (big up to Bloglovin) is finding out about new online shops. I started to compile a list of these for when I am procrastinating and have already scrolled through the whole contents of the likes of good old Topshop and Zara. One o the most recent I have added to the list I was introduced to via my fellow FMP studier Helly from Bells Fashion (deffo check out her blog).

Somewhere Nowhere offers handmade and custom designs by recent London College of Fashion Graduates Rex Lo and Elly Cheng. Their unique and outlandish clothing and accessories may not be my normal go to clothing choice, but there are a few pieces I am definitely wishing into my wardrobe. The fact that the clothing comes as unisex adds another distinctive element to their clothing. I just wish some of the pieces I wanted weren't sold out!

'May the power of rainbows and unicorns be with you'

Purple Long Sleeve Mesh Gather Dress £26

Navy Faux Leather Croco Clutch £12 (sale)

Unisex Blue Sparkle Skirt £44

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