Thursday, 12 December 2013

Company Reshoot

So a couple of posts ago (see here) I uploaded my final outcome for my answer to Company Magazines, Company Academy competition for the photography category. Due to the deadline for the competition being November 1st, and I only finding the competition just over a week before, it was a little bit of a rush to say the least! Although I did the best that I could within that time frame, I knew I could do better.

Due to having to enter the competition as part of my final degree mark, and having a month left till the deadline on the 9th December, I took the opportunity to push my work further and reshoot the whole thing. I slightly changed my concept, whilst still sticking to the pastel trend that is so relevant to the Spring Summer 2014 theme. I wanted to still keep the Company style and aesthetic whilst adding my own touches, such as the change in the use of font. I can definitely see an improvement in terms of my photography and lighting skills, which is something I most definitely lacked in on the first shoot. Livi the model was fab understanding exactly what I wanted and had great confidence. This time I also shot in a studio, which made SO much difference. Although it cost £50 to rent for three hours, it was definitely worth it and the owner James Thorpe was extremely helpful (see his site here). As like before, I laid out the imagery like a proper editorial on double page spreads to the size of Company magazine itself.However, I still am my own worst critic and can still see far more room for improvement. But what's done is done now as it is all handed in. So no looking back!

My boyfriend came along to help carry everything into the studio and for moral support. I got him to do some videoing of me shooting the images. Take a look below.

Photography by me, Hannah Byrne
Model - Olivia Hart
Videographer - Rich Murphy

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