Friday, 2 January 2015

Still No Photos

Since, now nearly a month I am still yet to reveal my beautiful Vivienne I received for my birthday on the blog. One excuse is that I only actually put her on for the first time New Years Eve. Although I may have only managed to get one ridiculously quick cropped slightly blurred photo, I felt like a grecian rockstar.

My mum was questioning me when I was planning to wear her for the first time, worry in her voice that I never might. The delay in her debut however, was wanting to take her out for the first time on a special night. In retrospect, I wish I had planned more time in order to take photos to savour the moment forever.

My Vivienne for sure will be coming out of my wardrobe for great nights out god knows how many times in the future, so hopefully one day I will be organised enough to capture it on camera properly.