Friday, 30 November 2012

Carine Roitfeld - The Little Black Jacket, behind the scenes & interview

So today at Uni we learnt a little more in depth about a stylists job. And of course Carine Roitfeld was brought up as one of the best. So since I've been home I've watching interviews with her and so on and came across this video showing the behind the scenes of The Chanel Little Black Jacket images. Her and Karl are like a dream team. 

I am definitely going to hinty hint to wanting Carine's book Irreverent very badly for xmas, and am hoping to catch a glimpse of her new magazine CR Fashion.

My dream one day is to be at a shoot like this, behind the scenes. I also watched this interview on       Roitfeld from CBS news.

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

David Griffin: How photography connects us

Last night I was research random stuff on the internet and came across this video.

David Griffin is the photo director of National Geographics magazine. My Grandad used to have subscription to the magazine so have seen it's content and it does include some amazing imagery. In this  video David Griffin explores the story telling power of photography, especially photo journalism.

The stories, images and things he says within this presentation are inspiring and made me want to work in the realms of photography even more. 

The image he shows at the beginning of the presentation, shot by Steve McCurry as he says is an great image. I went to a Steve McCurry exhibition in Birmingham with my A level photography classes and out of all the photographs this is the one that stands out most vividly. As soon as it popped up on the screen of his presentation I remembered it. 

I also love the images which go with the last story Griffin tells, the amazing images summing up an amazing experience.

"Photography carries a power that holds up under the relentless swirl that todays saturated media world. Because photographs emulates the way that our mind freezes a significant moment."

"This flash bulb memory as it's called is when all elements came together to define not just the event but my emotional connection to it. And this is what a photograph taps into when it makes its own powerful connection to a viewer."

"Every one of us has at least one or two great photographs in them."

Quotes all from David Griffin

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Birthday & Xmas Wishlist

So my birthday and Christmas are coming up very soon and everyone is asking me what I want. And. . . as per usual I don't have a clue!
So I thought I would take a break from my uni work and scroll the web for a couple of things, a lot of them over the price of a birthday or xmas present  but a girl can still lust.

First up---
My maroon obsession continues.
Coat £149
Long Fur Waistcoat £239
Blouse with zip detail £29.99
Mini skirt with front pleat £29.99
Mini Shopper Bag £29.99

Tribal Necklace £19.99
The amazing Blazer with Spikes on the shoulder that I Really have been Lusting After.
Urban Outfitters
Glitter Bambi Xmas Decoration £5
The New Street Photographers Manifesto £9.99

Mario Testino Private View £44.99

Rankin Visually Hungry £40
One of my fave photographers, this book shows two decades worth of his work!

Religion, Catrine dress £75
from House of Fraser

Topshop Boutique, Grunge Floral dress £55

Green Box Chain 100% leather bag £28
Breton Stripe midi dress £25
Oxblood Zip Wrap Aline Skirt £32
Actor Buckle Cut Out Boots £95
Either in this colour or black.
Arch Velcro Glitter trainers £45
Adonis Cut Out Heavy £75
Juxtapose Lace Up Heels £58

Kurt Geiger
The Winona £150

I really want some more costume jewellerry. And really need some more earrings!
Joey Glass Necklace £29 (reduced from £50)


 Jeffery Campbell, Firenze MultiPrint Pink Leather £50 (down from £120)
Jeffery Campbell, Padua Peacock £50 (down from £120)

My boyfriend is always saying to me how good and handy
 it is to have a Moleskin (notebook), and recently my friend Beth got one.
I am always without paper, maybe it;s time to invest.

Seeing Carine Roitfeld's work at The Chanel Little Black Jacket Exhibition this year I want to know more about her and her work.

Paolo Roversi £9.95

My babe Rihanna. How I would love both the CD
and tickets to her tour next year!

Nikon AF-S 35mm f1.8 G DX Lens £139.99
from Jessops

A new 67mm UV Filter lens £24.99
from jessops
Holga camera Starter Kit £37.99
on Amazon

This is just a few that I found this evening, I'm sure more will be added.

No pictures in this post are my own, all taken from related websites.

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Vogue China. December.

Inspired by Byzantine, the Roman Empire of the Middle Ages. This beauty shoot for the December Issue of Vogue China is a brilliant twist on the era. I love the blur of the background, which further strengthens the focus on the makeup.
The soft candle lighting and movement sets the mood and feel of the medieval, the makeup adding a theatrical and modern take on the period.

My favourite image.

Second fave.

Vogue China December Issue
Modeled by Tao Okamoto
Photographed by Lachlan Bailey
Styled by Claire Richardson
Make-up by Yadim
Hair by Rudi Lewis

Images taken from

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Tim Walker. Sommerset House.

So yesterday me and Bethy hit Landan town. We got into London around 12ish thinking we had plenty of time to shop and lunchin before heading down to the Hackney Picture House for 6:30 for the Company Magazine Fashion forum evening. However time seriously flies when your having fun.

We headed straight down to Sommerset House for the Tim Walker Exhibition which again has left me with another Photographer crush. Walkers images are like a mad brighter version of a Tim Burton Film. Mixing fashion with this weird and slightly disturbing essence of Walt Disney.

Although some of his strange and random fairy tale images were beautiful, most of my favourites were his portraits which still remained quirky and fun, as well as there being some more eerie shots.

The lighting within every shot was perfect, and Walker knows how to carry through an emotion through all aspects of his direction.

One of my favourite images from the whole exhibition.

As well as props from the different shoots lurking in every room, quotes from both Walker himself and those commenting on his work were placed on the walls.
Walker's quotes were inspirational and passionate, this resounded through the images.

The slight blur of movement in this image, as well as being unable to see the models face was un-nerving yet truly beautiful.

"Sometimes when you're taking a picture an extraordinary sense of luck and chance takes over and propels you to make pictures that you couldn't in your wildest dreams have imagined. This is the magic of photography." Tim Walker


  After a lunchin at Bella Italia, and a quick stop off at the Chanel make-up shop in Covent Garden, we went straight to hit Oxford Street. Zara was our first stop and tempted us with all its beauties, yet surprisingly we got out of there with out pulling out the purses. However when my foot stepped through the double doors at Selfridges I knew temptation would definitely takeover.
Only an hour later a bright yellow bag ended up hung on my arm.

Topshop £34

H&M £29.99

H&M £12.99


After Selfridges it was time to get moving to the Company Magazine Forum event for a mingle with some fashionistas and a glass of Prosecco. (Thank god really as I didn't need to spend anymore money!)

Editor of Comapany mag, Buyer at Oasis, Freelance Stylist
It was great to chat to other girls who are also wanting to get into the world of fashion, and the talk was really educational. It was great hearing the advice and thoughts from people working in the industry right now. It was interesting learning all the different ways they got to where they are, as well as their advice on CVs and what you need to do to make yourself heard.
I learnt so much and typed out a whole list of notes from the talk.

After the talk there was more time to Mingle where I got the chance to talk to Victoria White the Editor!   It was a privilege to talk to someone so successful and to hear her advice and answers from my questions.

To top off the entire day we got a Company goodybag to take home with us, with all manor of food and beauty products as well as the latest edition of the magazine.

Even ended up on Company's Website!
Top - Jaegar (also owned by Victoria White!), Trousers - Gap, Boots River Island, Bag-Topshop, Scarf- a present

All in all was a fab and inspiring day.