Friday, 31 May 2013


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iHeart Studios Internship

I have recently finished a two month internship that I did at iHeart Studios in London. I had a great experience there and learnt a whole lot.
As a creative solutions company, iHeart offer mainly online imagery using their photography, styling and retouching teams. LookBook shots, creative shoots, invisible mannequin, body model.. the company offers a wide range of facilities. 

Whilst I was there I got to assist both the stylists and the photographers, as well as doing adhoc duties around the studio. I learnt the basics of the programme Capture One that they use, as well as a lot more about lighting. In terms of styling, with a company like this it's not just about putting jackets and skirts together, but it is about making each product look as aesthetically pleasing as possible. Therefore I learnt the tricks of pinning, tucking, and symmetry, for both mannequin and flat shots.

Although I can now say I am most definitely a clothes steaming expert, I got to hep out with a lot of fun stuff too, and learnt a lot of valuable information. Some of the best things I did was helping out with the Jigsaw body model shoots, of which I got to help out with three of them. This was great as I got to know Francesca from Jigsaw, which was a nice addition to my contact list within the industry.

Jigsaw shoot

Jigsaw shoot

Jigsaw shoot

Jigsaw shoot, make up

360 shots of shoes, using the special turn table equipment