Tuesday, 17 March 2015

I Do.

So this weekend we are going to my boyfriends, best friends wedding where he is the best man. The dreaded best man speech has been the main topic over the last two weeks, I do not envy him at all.

Currently, we are trying to save up for our own flat so I put outfit shopping to the back of my mind telling myself I would wear a dress that I already had.

Who am I kidding?! No girl wants to wear the same outfit again! Especially as I only wore the dress I had in mind in September. Thus came the obsessive online window shopping. Thus, equalling in my ASOS Saved Items filling with a wish list of what I actually to wear.

So, I came to a compromise. A value for money jumpsuit from Topshop. A key piece for my spring/summer wardrobe with it's culotte cut. A simple item that can be dressed up for the wedding and down for after. Meaning that I will sure wear after the wedding too. I have sent it to store, so let's just hope it fits and looks good - otherwise I will just have to trawl the Oxford Street store till I find something else! But the plan is that I will slip it on and it will fit perfectly, then I will skip to the accessories department to find a good ol' statement necklace to give the outfit that little extra dressy weddingness.

Culotte Jumpsuit by Wal G - Topshop £35

However, if I wasn't having to save money and wasn't being so strict with myself here are a couple of other pieces that would have worked their way into my basket.

Midi Dress in Floral Organza - ASOS £85

Dahlia Dress in Soft Floral Print - ASOS £64

True Romance Dress - Three Floor £192

Sunday, 15 February 2015


Magazine - Elle Collections Spring/Summer 2015

Since leaving University and stepping in to the world of work, I feel like all matter of creativity has disappeared from me.

So with encouragement from my boyfriend over our Valentines meal last night, I have decided to take action. Blogging may be a very saturated form of outlet these days, but I enjoy it. It allows me to form an online diary, as well as being a place for me to document my ideas and my photography.

Maybe even styling and some art. The world is my oyster.

Friday, 2 January 2015

Still No Photos

Since, now nearly a month I am still yet to reveal my beautiful Vivienne I received for my birthday on the blog. One excuse is that I only actually put her on for the first time New Years Eve. Although I may have only managed to get one ridiculously quick cropped slightly blurred photo, I felt like a grecian rockstar.

My mum was questioning me when I was planning to wear her for the first time, worry in her voice that I never might. The delay in her debut however, was wanting to take her out for the first time on a special night. In retrospect, I wish I had planned more time in order to take photos to savour the moment forever.

My Vivienne for sure will be coming out of my wardrobe for great nights out god knows how many times in the future, so hopefully one day I will be organised enough to capture it on camera properly.

Monday, 24 November 2014


Whilst my birthday present (see my last post) was being wrapped, I was oggling up the accessories in the glass cabinets at the till.

Having a deceivingly small head means finding sunglasses that suit me is a rare occasion. As usual I fell in love with a pair whilst in Vivienne Westwood. Thinking that I would look like a fly, Mother ushered me to try them on anyway. And of course the designer sunglasses fit like a glove. 

£140 - Vivienne Westwood

I always knew I was born to be rich and drink champagne, but sometimes life just doesn't go that way. So, the plan is to save up my birthday money to put towards a pair. I have been looking at them online and also came across this pair below which I really like too. So I need to make a decision - if I could I'd buy the pair.

£126 - Vivienne Westwood

Although a lot more expensive than my current £12 Topshop ones, I seem to have the designer bug. I feel that I have got to the age where I want to invest in some forever pieces that are more unique and ever lasting. Although I will never loose my love for the high street likes of H&M, I am currently in my first job since leaving Uni and well I think it's time to treat myself.

Sunday, 23 November 2014


Yesterday I ticked something off my bucket list. My birthday is in two weeks and Mum came to London to take me somewhere for my birthday present. Having not a clue what was going on, I headed down a side road just off of Regents Street with my Mother. As we walked past the likes of Maison Martin Margiela, Mum stopped and announced "here we are!". I looked up to see Vivienne Westwood shining in neon pink lights.

Overwhelmed by what was going on, Mum dragged me into the shop and casually just said "so get looking then".

Sorry... what??? Is probably the best way to describe the look on my face. So unexpected I wanted to die. I was literally in heaven. The clothes, the fabrics, the shop, the pictures of Viv.... Ahhhhhhh. After trying on items of clothing I only dream of wearing, I made my choice. The piece is currently sitting in it's sealed pale pink bag staring at me. It's gonna be a long two weeks I tell ya.

I feel truly spoilt by my amazing crazy parents. First a Vivienne purse and now this! I finally have my first designer item of clothing which I will treasure for the rest of my life. I can not wait to blog my first wear of this piece.

My graduation present from the rents from earlier this year.