Monday, 24 November 2014


Whilst my birthday present (see my last post) was being wrapped, I was oggling up the accessories in the glass cabinets at the till.

Having a deceivingly small head means finding sunglasses that suit me is a rare occasion. As usual I fell in love with a pair whilst in Vivienne Westwood. Thinking that I would look like a fly, Mother ushered me to try them on anyway. And of course the designer sunglasses fit like a glove. 

£140 - Vivienne Westwood

I always knew I was born to be rich and drink champagne, but sometimes life just doesn't go that way. So, the plan is to save up my birthday money to put towards a pair. I have been looking at them online and also came across this pair below which I really like too. So I need to make a decision - if I could I'd buy the pair.

£126 - Vivienne Westwood

Although a lot more expensive than my current £12 Topshop ones, I seem to have the designer bug. I feel that I have got to the age where I want to invest in some forever pieces that are more unique and ever lasting. Although I will never loose my love for the high street likes of H&M, I am currently in my first job since leaving Uni and well I think it's time to treat myself.

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