Wednesday, 28 November 2012

David Griffin: How photography connects us

Last night I was research random stuff on the internet and came across this video.

David Griffin is the photo director of National Geographics magazine. My Grandad used to have subscription to the magazine so have seen it's content and it does include some amazing imagery. In this  video David Griffin explores the story telling power of photography, especially photo journalism.

The stories, images and things he says within this presentation are inspiring and made me want to work in the realms of photography even more. 

The image he shows at the beginning of the presentation, shot by Steve McCurry as he says is an great image. I went to a Steve McCurry exhibition in Birmingham with my A level photography classes and out of all the photographs this is the one that stands out most vividly. As soon as it popped up on the screen of his presentation I remembered it. 

I also love the images which go with the last story Griffin tells, the amazing images summing up an amazing experience.

"Photography carries a power that holds up under the relentless swirl that todays saturated media world. Because photographs emulates the way that our mind freezes a significant moment."

"This flash bulb memory as it's called is when all elements came together to define not just the event but my emotional connection to it. And this is what a photograph taps into when it makes its own powerful connection to a viewer."

"Every one of us has at least one or two great photographs in them."

Quotes all from David Griffin

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