Wednesday, 4 December 2013

The Bun

Dress - Hedonia / Necklace - Accessorise / Shoes - Topshop

A rare occasion where I have actually put my hair up. With my usual crazy curls, a small head and no hair styling skills what so ever, it is a tedious task to put my hair up in a way that looks half decent. Today I think I've not done too bad a job, even if I do say so myself. We had a hand in today for our draft marketing report, so after spending 10 minutes in uni the rest of the day is free. For some reason I seem to have put to the back of my mind the other deadline on Monday, which is a set in stone, not getting it back to work on deadline. Instead I feel like YOLO it's Christmas. One of the reasons for my burst of festive spirit and ceebs with uni work attitude, may be the small fact that it is my birthday tomorrow. Not just any birthday but me bloomin' 21st!!!! Although I won't be getting my main present till April from the rents, it's a gift worth waiting for. Ye, I'm going to NYC!!!!   

Images by Beth Dowdell

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