Thursday, 13 February 2014


Untold by House Of Fraser £39 down to £9.20

Untold by House Of Fraser £24 down to £5.60

Pretty Polly via House Of Fraser £5.50 down to £5 

So it is Valentines day tomorrow. The day of lust and love. Of course the day to adorn yourself in some oh so sexy undergarms. Weirdly, Richard and I have never actually spent Valentines day together, instead always opting for a late more casual celebration (both pretending were not that bothered). However, this year we were both determined to do it properly and really declare our feelings for one another (cheesay or what!). 

Problem is he's living at his aunties, and I'm back at home for the holidays. So, we actually won't be spending Valentines night alone. But, Saturday night we have the house to ourselves and have opted to stay in and cook a meal. This means no driving and lots of Prosecco for me! This, of course is at the disappointment of not being able to flaunt my new pencil skirt and shoes, snidely brought in the current sales (yet to be shown on here). But my mother did say why not dress up anyway, so this I may just do. 

Back to the point of this post - The New Undergarms! I have an unusual bra size, meaning finding good fitting and beautiful bras is a rare occasion. I had been searching online for a new sexy ensemble, with pretty much no luck, ending up in me swooning over Agent Provocateur's amazing, but extremely costly lingerie. (A girl can dream.) But luck did strike yesterday, during a casual stroll in Northampton town when helping my friend trying to find some new clothes. We thought we'd quickly check out the House Of Fraser closing down sale, which was a literally retail nightmare. Clothes were thrown EVERYWHERE. Being the shop snob I am, I couldn't wait to get out, but thought I should attempt to have a quick look. Et Voila!

I can not believe the gorgeousness of the colour of this bra, and the material, let alone the discount! I do love a good bargain. With the gloss stockings and suspender, I feel like a retro glamour girl (if only!). I didn't buy the matching knickers as I felt they were a bit too granny central, and have a lace pair that would go quite well instead. Let's just hope the boyf likes!

If you live in Northampton and like a good rake through the sales, you should pop in and have a look.

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