Monday, 17 February 2014


Don't I just have the best Mumma in the world!! As I said I have been getting into my beauty stuff a lot recently, and want to start improving my own make-up both looks, as well as the make-up itself. I have always been a MAC cosmetics lover, using their studio fix powder for god knows how long.

I don't know about anyone else, but I hardly ever wear eyeshadow. I usually just stick to the convenience of  my small Clinique set I got as part of a birthday gift one year. With presents and freebies from internships, I have a lot of random make-up including a lot of individual eye shadows. But with them not all being together where I can see them, most get left untouched and lonely in a draw. 

However, my blog following addiction has presented me with these goodies, after I showed my Mum Shirely B. Eniang's purchases in her recent video. Mum and I both agreed that having all your eye shadows collected in big palettes was a perfect idea. Little did I know my mum would come back from London the next day with one for me, as a Valentines gift! Crazy lady! I am spoilt rotten!

So basically, MAC allows you to buy the plastic see through palettes, and then choose what inserts you would like (eg. eyeshadow holders or blushers etc..). Mother, as you can see brought me the eyeshadow insert, and my first two eyeshadows to start off my collection! Being a rather expensive investment, I will collect new eyeshadows as and when I have the money. I'm literally in love and can not wait to try out my first two colours. Mum, went for a pale cream neutral, which I can use as a base, and then a shimmery pink so I can add some colour. I know it is a pretty pricey way to do things, but so much more practical. Plus quality always costs more, that's why I am willing to invest in the prices of MAC products.

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