Sunday, 2 February 2014

Voucher Buys

After ages of non-spending, I have gone slightly cray this week. I have got some sales and eBay purchases, which are yet to be delivered but will hopefully be outfit posted on the blog over the next week or so. However, with the horrid stress of uni, I most definitely needed some retail therapy to help cure.

If I am being totally honest I have never been the biggest fan of Next. However, in one of my past wish lists I had in fact picked out the most amazing pair of crocodile effect over the knee boots from Next. For Christmas I received a £40 gift voucher as part of my present from my Nan and Granddad. The first thing I thought was, YES, I can finally afford those boots!! But of course they were no longer available. Bloody typical.

The boyf spent a little too much money on trains to come see me (I'm worth it of course!) With him starting his job this week and getting his first pay, we hit Brighton for some lunch and shopping. After fainting for my first ever time, in the middle of the busiest Nando's ever, we headed to Next, determined to spend this god damn voucher. After lusting over some black strappy heels, I ended up with these few buys for the exact amount of £40.

Candle £9 - NEXT

5x Midi Rings £7 - NEXT

Suede Feel Flats £24 - NEXT
I am really happy with these final buys, even though I am still mourning for those beautiful boots. My shoe collection has needed some new friends, and these red flats are so different from anything I have so far. The colour is the most amazing berry red, and will brighten up any black outfit. As for the midi rings, I have been wanting some for ages! With £9 left to spend this candle just smelt too good. Plus it has 55 hours worth of burning time!

The last shop we checked out was Pull & Bear. I have heard about this shop a few times, but have never been in a store. A brand new one recently opened up in Brighton, and the store layout and visual merchandising is amazing. So amazing, I am planning to dedicate a post about the brand. It isn't just that, but it is also the great clothes for great prices. I would place it in a similar position to H&M or the Zara TRF range in terms of pricing, design and quality, but with it's own style. i picked up this shirt in their sale for £12.99, down from £25.99.

Check Shirt £12.99 - Pull & Bear

Photos taken and edited by me.

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