Thursday, 16 February 2012

Proenza Schouler

New brand loving this evening guys. Proenza Schouler. The womenswear and accessories brand, founded in 2002 by Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez.
I am likey liking their take on modern and well tailored femininity. It's a cool mix of prim but with an edge. However it's their detailing that really makes their pieces unique. I think I may have a new brand to give some affection to.
Here's my faves from their New York 2012 catwalks.

S/S 2012 
With it's Hawian leafs, florals and giraffe prints there was a definite tribal/ safari theme going on. Yet it was done in a fresh way. Although some pieces in this collection don't quite tickle my fancy, here's the pieces that stood out.

Ahhh a bit of a 50s vibe here how can I not have loved this!

The stripes. The pvc.

Lime green with a hint of tiger print! Mmmmmmm.

A/W 2012
Now I liked their S/S don't get me wrong, however when I hit the winter catwalk things just went to the next level. 
Proenza Schouler A/W 2012 said "The girl's are back in town and they mean business".
The models wore the attire with a slightly grungy style, with their hair, the chunky black boots, holding the handbags like it were a bikers helmet. The designs were strong and boxy, giving a new take on androgyny
I love the edginess and every piece will be placed on my "if i was a rich girl nanananana" wish list.
I want to keep writing about how amazing this collection is but as a picture says a thousand words.... 

This is bigger cos its my fave!

The Jacket.
"Where's my effing motor cycle!!"
Yum yum the attention to the deets.

Japanesie, ethentic print. I didn't a see that coming! But Ohh myy.

Another shade darrliinnng!

Hmmm I may have gone a bit crazzayy on the old picture uploading situation but seriously it could have been much worse. Anyway I hope you share my adoration (if thats even a word).

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