Wednesday, 15 February 2012

The Grammy's 2012.

Julian Macdonald dress

Well hello there Jessie J in your rather ladylike gown and rather sleek hair! The mirrored affect of the material and hand on the hip = keeping it real.
Elie Saab Couture dress
Who else could look this good all in blue. Katy Perry the hair and although its pretty long and extremely girly the dress is a like. Who's Russel Brand?

This image had to be put on here just because this lady amazes me. Oh Lady Gaga, what are you like.
And this Nicky Minaj red cape dress hooded god knows what thing, its pretty horrendous and has caused a bit of conspiracy theories to arise. Like the illuminati? Check this out.
Apparently the stitched woman on the front of the dress is Whitney Houston. I'm all for researching the Illuminati but this is some crazy ass theory.
Got to say I've never quite got Kelly Osbourne but Girl You Looking Goooood! The hair the dress and the cheeky tat. <3

Images curtesy of <<< Have a look at some of the other outfits. e.g. Fergie in Orange Lace.

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