Saturday, 25 February 2012

Historical Shoot

Ok so here is the final result (at last) of the cause of my recent fixation with anything 50s. From the clothes to the make-up, but most importantly Marilyn Monroe. So for part of my Imaging and Styling project was the Historical Shoot, where i was given the 50s era. The conclusion having to be two images which had to be taken in the studio. We had to style the whole shoot, which meant resourcing the clothes and accessories, as well as finding a suitable model. As for hair and make-up we were partnered up with the Second year hair and make-up who we had to work with to get the right style.

Dress - Mothers. make - Monsoon
Jacket - Purchased at a charity catwalk show. make - Tesco
Leather Gloves - Old birthday present from my father.
Belt - make - Zara. Brought by Mother for me when she went on holiday.
Model - Rosie Mason (my beauts housemate)
Make-up and hair - Kelsey Scott-Jackson
Photography, styling & editing - Me
Editing tutor - Richard Murphy (Click here to check out his blog!)

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