Monday, 19 March 2012

Fashion Design Shoot

Here's the final images. We had to choose the annoying number of two images again  (Jules your driving me crazayyyyy with your 2 photo obsession woman), for another part of my Imaging and Styling Project. The 50s Historical shoot is done, the Street Style is basically done and here are the Fashion Design collaboration images. 
We had to work with a student from the 3rd year Fashion Design students and photograph an outfit from their final collection. I got to work with the lovely Hope Scrivener and her final men's wear collection, which was influenced by Ancient Iran.
 So I had the clothes, all I had to do was figure out whether to use the studio or a location, style the shoot, find a model, do the shoot and edit the photos.
Although the friggin awesome location of Orford Ness was out of the question due to it only being accessible by boat and the "2 hour day trips" there didn't start this year till April, I found Dungeness in Kent and well here's what I ended up with. . .

This is how I'l present them to Jules on the hand in.
Here have a closer look...

Clothing made & Designed by - Hope Scrivener
Styling & Photography - Me> Hannah Byrne

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