Sunday, 17 February 2013

AnOther magazine

So I spent this last week interning at AnOther, a biannual mag that is part of the Dazed group. I contacted the magazine hoping to gain an internship on the picture desk for part of my course this year but the dates were a bit awkward, however Olena asked me to come in this week instead. BONUS!

Current Issue, which is out now!

Although Olena said the job in tow would monotonous, I actually really enjoyed myself and found it quite therapeutic. It was also great to learn more about how a magazine runs, you seriously don't realise all the extra things magazines have to do to create and keep a magazine running smoothly.

The job at hand was basically organising magazine tears into their stories and editorials in order to send copies along to the photographers, stylists, hair and makeup artists, and set designers for their portfolios.
As you can see just the organising of the boxes took a while.

All the Tears I Did
Inside the Office
The office didn't lend itself just to the AnOther magazine team, but also AnOther Man and Dazed Digital. Being part of Dazed publications, AnOther magazine got me even closer to my photographer love Rankin. Although I didn't actually get to see or meet him.

 I had a really good week and made a great new contact with Olena, who was really nice. Working alongside another intern, a french girl called Noemie was really interesting too, and gave me some good company. She could speak english although we had some fun translating different words to hep understand one another, this refreshed only the slightest bit of my ever diminishing french vocabulary. We spoke about the difference between interning in France and Britain, and there are quite a few and some are quite surprising. Apparently you have to be a student in order to intern in France and a proper contract has to be signed.

After I had finished and sent out all the tears, I had to do some research on kaleidoscopic art, fashion and  film, for inspiration for a potential fashion film they will be creating during LFW. I'm really interested in seeing the final outcome of this. It has also got me not only to download the free PrismScope kaleidoscope app! As well as a small section of my Tumblr being dedicated to that.

AnOther Man - LayPlan

AnOther Man -  LayPlan
Ever-closer to my love, Rankin
Kaleidoscopic App

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  1. I was wondering if this internship was paid or not?