Tuesday, 17 September 2013


Cardigan - Primark / Top - Topshop / Necklace - Topshop / Skirt - Miss Selfridge / 
Shoes - Topshop

So I have realised it is extremely difficult to take good photographs of your own outfit, after not being able to find your tripod. I am embarrassed by the quality of these photos but I just had to do a post to show off my new cardi.
I was originally on the hunt for a black fluffy one, and magically found one in Topshop, but with a £38 price tag my mum persuaded me to have a little look around incase I could find another one. Heading to H&M and Rivers with no luck (Northampton isn't the best shopping), Primark came up with the goods! Ok it's not black, but my wardrobe is a mass of black! I love this deep pink/maroon, and am hoping it will brighten up my winter wardrobe!


  1. You didn't do bad for self taken pictures! I love jumpers like this. Totally stealing this :D

    1. Thanks Bethy! It'll be better once were living together and then we'll both have our own official photographer. haha! Ye deffo! Wardrobe share :) xx