Monday, 23 September 2013

New Abode

Moved back down to Worthing this Saturday just gone, and although I managed to fill to full cars of my stuff (yes, there's still more at home!) it was the easiest uni move I've had! I'm living basically on the seafront, so although there's a salty smell as you open the front door, the views and convenience being so near town is amazing. Plus, The Cottage, as it is actually called is so sweet. I am living with fellow friend and Fashion Promotion Student Bethy! I am hoping we will be encouraging each other to work work work, as we'll need motivation in our third and final year. However, we are both currently sitting here, work in front of us, yet I'm blogging and Beth's on her phone. Maybe we'll improve. . . Hopefully!

Anyway, the sun was a shining down on heavens waiting room today, so I popped out (literally outside our front door) and took some photies of the scenery. I love the rainbow that formed due to the sunlight and water fountain!!

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